Report on Clothing Waste in US Landfills

Understanding the scope and impacts of material waste, like clothing, is becoming an increasingly important task as astronomical amounts of waste continue to accumulate in landfills and the environment. 

This report explores the environmental impacts of clothing waste in US landfills, examines the natural, human, and industrial pathways of this waste, and provides policy recommendations to create change. 


Sustainable Materials Investment Primer​

This research primer on sustainable materials for products and packaging was written during my time at CREO for use by sustainability-inclined impact investors.

The primer describes opportunities for investment across three categories: biobased, biodegradable, and recycled materials that comprise our modern chemicals, plastics, and textiles. It highlights opportunities within sustainable feedstocks, alternative material manufacturing, and provides a detailed set of due diligence questions to consider when evaluating material-related opportunities.

** Please note this item is available only upon request.

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Life Cycle Assessment - Plastic Wrap vs. Silicone Lids

This study conducts a cradle to grave life cycle assessment to compare the overall environmental impacts of using plastic wrap vs. reusable silicone lids over a ten year period.

These results can be used to inform more sustainable choices and behaviors when faced with the option of using a single-use plastic or silicone alternative. 


Sustainable Business Strategy to Address Poverty & Lack of Opportunity



This report outlines a response to a global conglomerate’s question of, “what can we do to sustainably work to reduce poverty and lack of opportunity globally?” 

This report answers this question with clear steps and alignment with the UN’s sustainable development goals. 



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Sustainable Business Plan - Third R​

Third R is a recycling app that brings together three pivotal components to ensure circularity in materials and improve recycling rates across the United States: recycling education, advocacy for material policy and recycling infrastructure, and recycled material data. We will combine these three features in an app that can be easily used by anyone in the United States with a mobile device, while providing recycled materials data to manufacturers who need reliable recycled material feedstocks, primarily plastic.

Third R is a concept app that I created during my sustainable product design course at Harvard University.



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